Murder Princess opening+ending

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Murder Princess opening+ending
Same ta kao shi tei tatteThe cildness of your face,
Hajime kara boku wa wakatte i ta kedoIt is the star of my understanding.
Kotoba to auraharariIt is the words of the aura.
Igan daitaWitch is not strained.
Kono omoi o kesshite kureyouThis thoughts is never what I ask for.
Oh bro regada kuramiyami karu hitotsuge no seko soremadeOh bro this stroke of darkness is a major situation. This thoughts is never what I ask for.
Sou ega ezou wo shinji zou echo.Somebody told me to stay coolTrying to erase the drawings or the images , just believe in echo.Somebody told me to sty cool.
Oh nobody knows ko tae nante waranai kiriga nai yurete you naiOh, nobody knows , nobady can explain it nor is there any limits to this.
Looking for the answer. Itsu ga te sousa sou breast sa just give up.Looking for the answere , it may originate from anytime , so just give up.
Owara nai sou niThis is not the end
Koware nai you ni hibi ga yeah!This is not broken , it is just everyday, yeah!
(Walk that bridge from that belt big boy!)(Walk that bridge from that belt big boy!)
(Hikari no sasu mezashi yo)(You´ll realize the light that is shining.)
Hikari sasu hou niThe shining lights,
Kono koe ga todoka naku te moThat voice is heard perfectly.
Oh kidui tatte kimi wa okui soko de sagashi teruYou have noted this intention , and is now searching for it.
Kureru sora hito no kage niThe idle skies. A person´s shadow.
Fuma re sou na awai hanaFlowers wich are dull , they are blooming.
Nan no tame sai ta no kamoEven if you do not know you will progress ,
Ima wa mada shira naidemo kitto mottoBut , you will know it more tomorrow
Hikari furisosogu TanderlyThe ligts are pouring tenderly.
Tsuyoku nareru yasashi sa ga koko ni aruWarmth can also become a strength.
Donna tsumetai kaze sae mo se o muke naiEven if cold winds are blowing to me , I will not turn my back against
Hitotsu shika nai iro wa mitsuke ra ru madeAlways looking for that one only colour.

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