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6. december 2008 at 12:50 | Rayn |  Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
Výče dílů z anime Dokuro-chan :
1I'm the Bludgeoning Angel! Dokuro-chan! "Bokusatsu Tenshi da yo! Dokuro-chan!"
2The Assassin from the Future! Dokuro-chan! "Mirai kara no Shikaku da yo! Dokuro-chan!"
3Cupid of Love! Dokuro-chan! "Koi no Kyupitto da yo! Dokuro-chan!"
4New Cinema Paradise! Dokuro-chan! "Nyu Shinema Paradaisu da yo! Dokuro-chan!
5Field Trip! Dokuro-chan "Rinkangakko da yo! Dokuro-chan!
6Test of Courage! Dokuro-chan! "Kimodameshi da yo! Dokuro-chan"
7It's Zakuro-chan! Dokuro-chan! "Zakuro-chan da yo! Dokuro-chan!
8Farewell! Dokuro-chan! Sayonara da yo! Dokuro-chan!
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2
1Sketching Event! Dokuro-chan!
2Bukibuki-goshigoshi Battle! Dokuro-chan!
3Accidents Happen In Closed Spaces! Dokuro-chan!
4Valentine's Day Kiss! Dokuro-chan!

Někdy jsou díly nacpané do dvojdílů.....

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1 Sasuke Nara Sasuke Nara | Web | 7. march 2009 at 10:41 | React

Joo škoda, že to anime je tak krátke ,ale alespon něco x)

2 Rayn Rayn | 7. march 2009 at 13:55 | React

Jep, ale aspoň,  že i v tak málo dílech je tolik srandy :D

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